Sunday, January 29, 2012

My interpretation of Martin Powell's "The Halloween Legion"

Check out my interpretation of Martin Powel's 'The Halloween Legion'. It was a lot of fun to create a mixed-media rendering of the characters. Hope ya 'all enjoy!

His amazing book 'The Halloween Legion' has been nominated for three Pulp Ark Awards, including Best Novel, Best Author, and Best Cover (Cover art shown in the link attached below)
Check it out! It's available in both Print & Kindle editions (this is the Print link)

Here's a little on my process.
The original was mostly Pencil, Prismacolor, and watercolor.
It's a little rougher but I do enjoy this version.

My favorite was definitely the cat. I really enjoy his personality. 

I did some line art to really focus on the shape of the characters:
Afterwards I brought the image into photoshop and really pumped up the color, shape, and dimension. I wanted to get a very vibrant Halloween feel and get a lot of personality out of the characters. 
I enjoy all the versions and the final very much.


  1. Thank you, my dear. I'm very honored.

  2. Thanks Martin :)
    I love your writing! Looking forward to getting more of your books in the mail.

  3. It's really fascinating for me to see an artist's process, and doubly so when the subjects are my own creations. Awesome.

  4. They're no longer merely "my" Halloween Legion, y'know. The World's Weirdest Heroes insisted that you should help take care of them, too. Don't know where we'd be without you. Welcome and congratulations, Princess.