Tuesday, May 29, 2018

MerMay Mermaids by Diana Leto

Some more mermaids for MerMay I created :)
Created in Illustrator and some effects in Photoshop.

 #MeduSirenaMarina #mermaid illustration for MerMay! This time she is a #fireeating#mermaid. Hope you all enjoy! 
This is an #AliceInWonderland piece inspired by my friend Bridget, who is a perfect model for drawing mermaids. 
I had a lot of fun drawing the #SeaRockingHorsetoo. 
 Another #mermay #illustration 🐠❤️💚🐳 I used photos of my friend Kimberly as reference. Thanks for being a beautiful model Kim! I made sure to include your tiki flower!