Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Re-imagining of "View from a Lily Pad"

As a long time Jim Henson fan, I repeatedly look to him as a brilliant source of imagination, inspiration, and frog-themed art! This is a piece designed to show Kermit's perspective of his swamp, as if he is looking straight up at the sky from underwater. This stained glass skylight was installed above the spiral staircase at the Henson Townhouse, also known as the "Muppet Mansion", Jim's office in NYC.

I wanted to recreate this skylight in homage to Jim Henson, as it particularly spoke to me. Repurposing this art, originally designed by George W. Morris with Henson art director Michael Frith, really got my creative juices flowing. To get a smooth but organic feel to the line weight I recreated the design in pen and ink on velum. I then played with the color by painting in water colors, overlapping the paint density, to create a stained glass feel.

For prints of this piece or more of my artwork please go to my store website here or feel free to contact me at diana@dianaleto.com.

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