Friday, March 23, 2012

Princess with Attitude- pumped up with some color!

A few months back I was doing some Fairy Tale sketches for a friend of mine, Martin Powell.
He is a constant inspiration to me and I highly recommend checking his books out!

One sketch that was particularly popular was my Princess with attitude (Original sketch below color version).
Since her attitude is so much fun and quite out of character for the everyday Princess, I decided to pump up the volume! I wanted to roughly color her up a bit with shades of pinks and reds and a touch of sparkles. 

Original Sketch: 


  1. You don't need me for inspiration, but I'm certainly flattered.

    I've always loved this sassy princess. She's expertly demonstrating to the world that she's utterly elegant even while flipping someone off.


  2. Thank you!
    And your an inspiration to so many, thanks for that as well!