Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Thought I would share pics of this past weekend where I was hosting a drawing workshop at Kids ComiCon in the Bronx, NY. KIDS COMIC CON! 

I had a great time creating comics with the kids! 

There were some amazing young artists there!

 Here's a pic of me with my comic book artist team at KIDS COMIC CON! 
I was hosting a drawing workshop about creating comics in the Bronx, NY. These 3 girls where too cool and super excited about helping out! Thank you future artists!

Noel MacNeal with his fantastic drawings for THE HALLOWEEN LEGION comic! 

Showing some of my work, thanks to Lyntha The for the photo!
Here's Denny Daniel and I at his Museum of Interesting Things!  His antiques and inventions are so much fun and educational!

Little Spiderman here (though I'm so sorry I didn't get a full pic with him!) Did the coolest ending to THE HALLOWEEN LEGION™ STORY! I love the AUTUMN WINS illustration, too cool! The Halloween Legion™ Diana Leto and Martin Powell.
These girls had some amazing imaginations and great illustrations for the ending to this My Little Pony comic! Too much fun!

The amazing, engaging, and incredible Alexander Simmons shown with his amazing works! Thanks Alex for putting together KCC and for always being so inspiring! 
Kids Comic Con fun with Paul Castiglia and an Edison cylinder from the sublime collection of Denny Daniel's Museum of Interesting Things!
Some more fun pics of the kid's artwork and just fun comic times!

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